Our Academies

DHIS2 Academies aim to strengthen capacities of individuals on DHIS2 so as to empower them to strengthen
national and regional capacities to successfully set up, design and maintain DHIS2 Systems.


Through an intensive training combining theoretical and practical sessions, you will become a DHIS2 expert ready to support your organization data collection, analysis, and reporting needs using DHIS2. The Academy develops better understanding of the available DHIS2 tools and their best practices.


6 Reasons to attend a DHIS2 Academy

Enhance your technical skills around DHIS2

Become an active member of the global and regional DHIS2 communities

Learn about practical experiences of DHIS2 application through use cases from different contexts and setting

Learn about new enhancements in DHIS2 and access supporting documentation

Contribute to the development of the DHIS2 blue print

Experience global best practices and accss support to adapt global solutions locally

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Previous DHIS2 Academies Organised By Us

Level and Specialization Regions
WHO Apps and DHIS2 Information Use Academy, 2018 Asia
DHIS2 Academy on Server Administration Asia
DHIS2 Level 1- Design and Customization Asia
CHIS Workshop Level 1 Asia
DHIS2 Disease Surveillance Academy, Level 2 Asia
DHIS2 Tracker Academy Level 1, Design and Customization Asia