Case based Immunization using DHIS2

HISP India in collaboration with University of Oslo funded by GAVI developed an immunization registry package within DHIS2 that will be available as a global good to any countries/projects that would like to use it. This is in conjunction with what we are doing with WHO to create a series of metadata packages covering HIV, TB Malaria, and other health areas. This package has been based on the best global recommendations, so that countries can have confidence using it as is, or modifying it based on country context and need. This package can be used at the point of care or higher data management levels.

The first step when using this immunization package is to review the country’s immunization program, and then decide which attributes and Immunization regimes should be activated in the system.

Example of Immunization Regimes to choose from. These regimes have been based on the WHO Position Papers-Recommendations for Routine Immunization.

Registering a patient


Searching for a patient already registered:


Once a patient has been registered the health care provider will be able to document services given. By letting you have the option to choose the date of services given, you can input any past immunizations and services given.

Pre-immunization Questions:


A few select question have been added to enable rules for when to give warnings prior to immunization given a certain answer.

If a healthcare provider decides not to follow the immunization recommendations that present on the screen, they will have an option override the system rules be able to see all immunizations. They will have to type in a reason before the full list appears, and a warning will show up stating: “Vaccination providers should adhere as closely as possible to recommended vaccination schedule. Administration at recommended ages and in accordance with recommended intervals between doses of multidose antigens provide optimal protection”.

Immunization Card


With each completed service given, an updated immunization will be generated, giving the healthcare provider and patient an overview of when and what has been given, and what is left to give.

Adverse events following immunization (AEFI):



The functionality of sending SMS is in DHIS2. We are composing the messages and when to send.

Welcome SMS:

Welcome [GETNAME]. Most parents of children attend immunization visits to help keep their baby safe. Your child will get immunizations to protect them and others against certain infectious diseases. As agreed, we will send you reminders about upcoming visits. You may let us know if you don't want to receive anymore. [GET CLINIC]

Mass Campaigns

Data entry for mass campaigns can be documented in Event capture.



The immunization program works in android. Android is the offline solution. It can be used offline, store everything locally on the phone, and just sync to the server when you have a connection.


Logistic data triangulation dashboard:

LMIS/ C stock

The C stock management component for the immunization registry is based off a DHIS2 project c-stock reporting tools. The c-Stock project required that all reporting be enabled through SMS short code. This means that CHWs can report aggregate monthly data via SMS but also tracker, stock out data via SMS also.