1.Project Name : Design and Development of Lebanon DHIS2

  Period : August 2014 – February 2015

   HISP India worked with Lebanon in doing the following activities in implementing DHIS2:
        i. Finalising country database, including data input, validation rules, indicators and custom outputs.
        ii. Field testing of DHIS2 server (connectivity, data access, security & user privilege)
        iii. Importing/configuration of DHIS2 database at EOC (Emergency Operation Centre).
        iv. Advance training on administering DHIS2 server (installation, configuration training at Beirut Ministry of Health.
        v. In addition to routine reporting modules, a School Absence Monitoring System was also developed using DHIS2.

2.Project Name : DHIS2 version upgrade

  Period : May 2017

  This was followed-up with the DHIS2 version upgrade process from version 2.19 to version 2.27 last year for the system hosted at the government
  EOC in Beirut.

3.Project Name : DHIS2 based NCD Patient Tracking Module, MSF

  Period : 2016-2017

  The team worked with the MSF Bruselles Operational Centre to design and implement a DHIS2 based NCD patient tracking system for 5 NCD clinics   operated by MSF in Lebanon. The team visited Lebanon for post implementation support, and upgraded the DHIS2 version from 2.22 to 2.27