• DATA REPORTING LEVEL:  PHC (Daily) by medical officer in a paper form (Attached with the email)
  • REPORTING PERSON:  The data collected at PHC level by the medical officers is sent to the respective blocks and is aggregated at block level.

  • Nikusth
  • PERIODICITY:  Hard copies of the assessment form is sent to the blocks Fortnightly or Monthly ( Depends upon the facility) and the data is aggregated monthly.


  • Block level:  Data consolidation of all PHCs is done at the block level and aggregated figures are sent to District level in excel sheets.
  • District level:  Data consolidation of all blocks is done at the block level and aggregated figures are sent to State level in excel sheets.
  • State level:  Data consolidation of all districts is done at the block level and aggregated figures are sent to National level in excel sheets.
  • National level:  The national NLEP receives 2 types of reports. Both reports have District level data.
    1. Annual Report – Aggregated indicators
    2. Monthly progress report - Aggregated indicators
    The national NLEP team has instructed all the states to enter data for this financial year in the application (2018 – 2019).

The data is entered at Block level by DEOs fortnightly or monthly depending on their availability.

  • NLEP team has instructed the Data entry operators at block levels to do the data entry in DHIS2. But currently the District Leprosy officers (DLO), District leprosy consultants (DLC), State leprosy officers (SLOs) are also entering the data in application.
  • Currently only one-time data entry per patient is happening in DHIS2 when the patient’s card is being filled. A mechanism is being identified by NLEP team to enable data entry by DEOs when:
    1. The patient is registered
    2. When the treatment is completed
  • Option to enter data with the above-mentioned mechanism is available in Nikusth(DHIS2).

NLEP team decided not to enter follow up information in DHIS2 as there is no capacity to enter data at the PHC level currently.
All reports including the Monthly progress report has been developed in DHIS2.



  • There is no current process of entering the follow up information in the application since the follow up information is currently captured on the card issued to the patient.
  • NLEP team is yet to identify a mechanism to enter the treatment completion information in the application as the hard copies are being sent at block after registration. And, the follow up information is captured on the card issued to the patient.
  • One approach discussed was to keep a copy of the patient card at PHC level where treatment completion/Exit information can be filled and can be sent at block level for record completion in application.


  • Data reported by:  Search team (One male and female health worker) at village level. One supervisor for 10-12 Search teams.
  • Data reported to:  PHC → Block → District → State → National
  • Data reporting level:  District level data available at National level)
  • Flow in DHIS2:  A Data set to collect LCDC information at block level is developed in DHIS2. (No information is entered in this data set currently)

Additionally, data for Training and IEC is also being reported at the national level. This data is currently not being captured in the application.