Integrated Bite Case Management (IBCM)

An android application developed to track the animals and humans for potential development or the risk of Rabies.

The animals that are tracked are namely Dog, Cat, Pig, Goat, Equine and Cattle. The application allows tracking of the case animals, exposed animals and exposed humans across the lifecycle of the disease or if they are at risk.

The animals at risk are registered in application and are tracked during further visits or by the field workers for the development of rabies. Various stages during the development of rabies are captured. It is analyzed with many questions if the animal has developed rabies. If the animal has developed no signs of the disease he is sent to the owner or quarantined based on the answers given. The animal is euthanized if the signs of rabies are developed. Location of the animal/owner and the exposed human animal are captured in the application based on various filters like last known location etc. for the field workers to track the animals or humans.

The field workers are able to see the last known location of the animal on the maps integrated with the application which helps in rabies assessment.

rab1    rab2