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HISP INDIA provides services around a suite of health informatics products for the public health sector. All these products are based on free and open source platforms to provide the users with the freedom of having full control of their applications without the risk of vendor lock-ins to high-cost proprietary licenses.

1. Editorial

"Critically study openness: Critical perspectives on information systems and openness: Emerging discourses, meanings, models, and implications” is to advance a critical debate in Information Systems research on the theme of openness. Research in information systems on openness has focused on the nature of technology and how openness contributes to the development of new opportunities for technological and institutional enhancements even as it introduces various limitations. However, more often than not, we take for granted the positive potential of openness guided by a market-driven focus, which tends to marginalize potential distortions understood through interpretive, critical, and contextualized social theoretical positions. The aim of this special issue is to move beyond positivist and functionalist approaches, which merely promote rhetoric and hype, and critically and interpretively explore and explain the nature of openness and its enabling and constraining role in our pursuit for technological and institutional innovations. The aim of this special issue is thus to offer a venue for the critical study of the phenomenon of openness and its impact on people, organizations, and societies.

Petter Nielsen
Department of Informatics, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway
Sundeep Sahay
Department of Informatics, University of Oslo and HISP India, Noida, India
Petter Nielsen, Department of Informatics, University of Oslo, Norway. Email:

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