Uttar Pradesh established routine HMIS reporting by entering facility based data into the national HMIS portal. As a step towards this Government of Uttar Pradesh has initiated a process to implement DHIS2 through a partnership between HISP India, Noida and IHAT, Lucknow, UP.

Uttar Pradesh State decided to use of DHIS2 for designing of integrated UPHMIS. Facility based data is being entered at block level for each facility. Though the data reporting systems have stabilised, the state has initiated the process of focus on integration and use of data for information and action.

Create an integrated UPHMIS Portal, which includes:

  • Integration of HMIS (Govt. of India portal), Facility Health Report Card (HRC) and other
  • Important indicators which are neither part of HMIS nor HRC
  • Generating MPR
  • Population data and estimated figures
  • GIS shape files

Design analytical Dashboards:

  • Establish state, district and block level analytical dashboards
  • At each level, dashboards configured by programs

Capacity Building:

  • Building capacity in collaboration with IHAT-UP for super users and master trainers to support evidence-based decision making.


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