Supporting Sustainable Sanitation Improvements Program (3Si)

An initiative by PSI India team with an objective to build an information system for easy management of data from the project members for various events occurring over the cycle of successful toilet construction in households of Bihar

The information system helps the PSI team to track and manage the progress in terms of constructing toilets in households as per 3Si program

Key Features

  • Allows the field users to enter data for beneficiaries
  • Track the progress in toilet construction
  • Track the quality of the toilets constructed
  • State project officers can then analyse the data, manage the delays or quality issues and generate custom reports as required
  • Reports app to generate longitudinal record for each beneficiary
  • Import app to import the event / tracker data
  • Application has legacy data imported from Jan 2013 to June 2016
  • Live data is being reported since July 2016 through both web and android platforms.
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