Youth Employment Solutions System

Plan Asia Regional Office has implemented the solution for youth tracking and tracing with DHIS2 in Philippines and Indonesia. Data is gathered on a variety of indicators, including employment status and multiple socio-economic factors.

Youth Unemployment is a major global crisis with significant social and economic repercussions. Several NGO’s have rolled out employment and entrepreneurial skills building programs. In these programs, participants are tracked to measure their attendance and progress and after they finish the program, they are supported in finding a job or starting their own business. Alumni are traced through a variety of predominantly labour intensive methods, such as phone calls and meetings to gather quantitative and qualitative data, which is used to measure the impact of the programs.

Key functions of the Youth Employment Solutions System include:

  • Creation of different workforce/entities in the system at different levels based on the reporting hierarchy, which will involve organisations (business, training centre etc.), person profiles (beneficiary, trainers, mentors etc.)
  • Creating relationships between different kind of entities, such as beneficiary/mentor/trainer etc. to capture the flow of information.
  • Creating various projects and interventions carried out by Plan International team and assigning them various entities as mentioned above.
  • Capturing of client based information from the point of registration of the beneficiary in the system, to its enrolment into respective projects and interventions collecting relevant data.
  • Creating ‘contact moments’ such as invitations for job fairs, seminars etc. and inviting the registered beneficiaries to such events.
  • Tracking the beneficiaries who have been enrolled into projects and interventions, and entering data for the specific events attended by the beneficiary.
  • Generation of indicators for each project, and allow for generation of custom reports, ad‐hoc reports and program specific dashboards for monitoring and evaluation exercise.
  • Inbound and outbound communication mechanism in form of system alerts/reminders, outbound SMS etc.

Unique features

  • Use of DHIS2 tracker for registration and tracking of youth for programs which provider employment solutions.
  • Link between beneficiaries, trainers, employers at different events of the program to track and analyse the status of the beneficiary during, as well as after the completion of the program to understand the impact of the interventions.

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