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The HISP team comprises of a dedicated and multidisciplinary group of professionals bringing together a unique blend of expertise and experience from the domains of computer science, social sciences, public health and psychology. Collectively it has contributed to the development of competencies in the domain of “public health informatics,” a confluence of three distinct areas: informatics; public health and implementation. With its passion to support processes of change and reform within a health systems framework, the collective potential of the HISP India team makes it one of the strongest teams specializing in public health informatics in the developing world with a primary focus in South East Asia. HISP India has been nominated for the Stockholm Challenge Award for three years including now in 2011. A brief introduction of the team members is now provided.

Dr. Sundeep Sahay
Admin, HR and Accounts
Mrs. Puri
General Secretary
Meenakshi Sharma
HR and Admin Officer
Prem Chandra Tiwari
Accounts Officer
Aman Jindal
Admin Assistant
CA. Shikha Bajaj
Head - Finance, Accounts and Human Resources.
Information Analysis & Use
Akash Jindal
Sr. Project Co-ordinator
Saurabh Leekha
Lead Health System
Gitika Arora
Sr. Project Coordinator
Rashi Banta
Sr. HIS Coordinator
Kirti Thakur
Health Information officer
Sumit Kr Tripathi
Sr. Project Coordinator
Health Information Officer
Dr. Priyanka Srivastava
Health Information Officer
Subhash Thakur
Junior HIS Officer
Project Officer
Junior HIS Officer
Bhuvneshwar Thakur
Junior System Admin Officer
Suresh Sharma
Junior HIS Officer
Vipin Gerlack
Project officer
Yogesh Chand
Health Information Officer
Naman Thukral
Project coordinator
Dr. Anna Basiston
Implementation Researcher
Dr. Yogita Thakral
Project Coordinator
Office Support
Mithilesh Thakur
Lead Technical System
Senior Software Developer
Ambika Tripathi
Software Developer
Harsh Vardhan Atal
Senior Software Engineer
Sourabh Bhardwaj
Software Developer
Vicky Kumar
Software Developer
Junior Software Developer
Wasib Tariq
Software Developer
Junior Software Developer
Gourav Sachdeva
Junior Software Developer
Sidhanshu Monga
Junior Software Developer
Sudiksha Nagvanshi
Junior Software Developer
Business Requirements Analysis
Arunima Mukherjee
Lead Operations
System Administration
Arvind Rao Chikne
Technical Architect
Jatin Baweja
Server Administrator


Ayushi Jain
Trainee Accountant
15th December 2018, HISP
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