ISO 9001:2008 Certified


Strengthening clinical care, hospital management and administration

Continuity of care is crucial for managing chronic patients
- Information is care.

Key features

• Unique integrated hospital management system based on OpenMRS for clinical, management and administrative systems, customized specifically for workflow process within a district hospital system.
• Provides for an integrated suite of 10 modules such as Registration and Billing, plus two common modules – hospital core for managing the other modules, and a reporting module.
• Integrated with DHIS2 using WHO SDMX.HD standard. Semi-permanent data for the hospital will be stored (such as details of the beds and doctors) stored in DHIS2. Patient level data from DHIS Hospital will be aggregated and exported into the DHIS2, enabling the generation of management indicators, such as Bed utilization rates and Average length of stay, and presented as tables, graphs and charts and do inter-hospital comparison to support management analysis.
• A suite of reports have been developed using BIRT for supporting clinical, administration, and managerial systems reporting and strengthening.

Case Study from Himachal Pradesh
The Medical Superintendent of DDU hospital received a medico-legal notice based on a PIL which asked why were no patient seen in the OPD between 9-11 am on July 9, 2011. He asked the HISP India team to check if that was the case, who then quickly generated an OPD wise registration report to see by date and time that actually 44 patients had been seen, including full details of the patient. The MS could successfully defend the hospital against this case.

13th November 2018, HISP
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