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DHIS 2 Key Partners at HISP Oslo

On 17th March, an exclusive partners meeting was held at HISP-UiO gatheringNoradthe Global FundPEPFARUNICEFWHOGAVI and USAID
The need for resources and coordination are increasing at national, regional and global levels to deliver a robust and relevant DHIS 2 platform and to support countries in implementing national health information systems. 
Norad, PEPFAR, Global FUND, UNICEF and WHO agreed to continue to work together to coordinate their support of HISP-UiO and implementation of DHIS 2 as a component of HIS in countries. The new partners GAVI and USAID agreed to explore how they could participate in the collaboration. The group agreed to invite other organizations to join the partnership to support DHIS 2 and coordinate activities in countries.
Once again, we would like to thank our Partners for their continuous support!


Insights from Akros

Akros has been operating in Zambia for 6 years to strengthen the national health systems. They are using DHIS 2 as their primary aggregate reporting platform and have deployed it throughout the region not only at national scale, but also down tothe community level.
Walk your way through this Prezi to learn about the benefits that can be achieved with DHIS 2.


Academies and Workshops
DHIS 2 Experts Academy, Oslo 2015
10th - 15th August 

We are pleased to announce that the second DHIS 2 Experts Academy will take place in Oslo from 10th to 15th August 2015. This Academy brings together the best of DHIS 2 implementers from around the world with the aim to expand and strengthen the DHIS 2 experts community.
Participants will learn advanced uses of DHIS 2 from the most experienced implementers and get a chance to discuss their own implementations with their peers.

DHIS 2 Academy Eastern and Southern Africa, level 2&3
2nd – 11th June 2015
Livingstone, Zambia

The first level 2&3 Academy of the year in Africa will gather experienced DHIS 2 implementers, system administrators, as well as managers and program officers.

DHIS 2 Academy Western Africa, level 2&3
8th - 19th June 2015
Cotonou, Benin

This multilingual Academy will be conducted both in French and English. DHIS 2 experts will share the latest features and functionalities.

DHIS 2 India Workshop 2015
22nd - 26th June 2015
Manesar, Gurgaon

A five day workshop dedicated to Monitoring & Evaluation. The main goal will be to learn and to share Best Practices for decision-making.


DHIS 2 Academy Asia 2015
Da Nang, Vietnam
13th - 23rd April 2015

     Thank you to our team
      of trainers and
      facilitators who are
      currently sharing 
      their expertise with our
      participants in Da Nang,


From the left to the right: Dr. Duong Dinh Cong, Chu Hong Anh, Ngo Tanh Long, John Lewis, Morten Olav Hansen, Knut Staring, Wilfred Sendoyi, Shurajit Dutta (Nick), Le Hong Em, Thai Nguyen Duy, Nghia Nguyen Tran, Nguyen Tran Do Xuan Thuy.




13th November 2018, HISP
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