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While huge investments are made into the purchase of hardware and software, often not enough effort is spent towards understanding how effective these investments have been and whether the states have benefited from their investment, and whether health programme management has been improved.

A key vehicle to carry out such assessments are through focused evaluation studies, for example aimed at understanding:

  1. Has data coverage improved through the introduction of the HMIS.
  2. Has data quality improvements taken place with the new HMIS.
  3. Assessing the state of readiness of a state or district in using information for action.
  4. Assessing the overall maturity of a HMIS at the state or district level.

HISP India has the skills to carry out such evaluation studies. Further HISP India uses various globally recognized evaluation tools to carry out such studies, such as the Readiness Matrix, TALI tool, HMN and HMIS Maturity Assessment Tool. New tools can also be designed based on the specific questions to be evaluated.

13th November 2018, HISP
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