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Professional Development Courses aim at strengthening the capacity of health staff to achieve and extend their respective potential for carrying out their different tasks. For an ANM it could be skills around data entry and validation while for the state planner building skills to use the Geographic Information System for carrying out public health analysis.

The HISP India strategy towards capacity building of health staff is to offer short term (1-2 week) in-service courses. These courses are either given in collaboration with public health institutions like the national Institute of Health and Family Welfare, with whom HISP India as a formal agreement or these courses are offered directly to the State. Some of the courses that have been designed by HISP India include:

  1. DHIS 2 customization
  2. DHIs Hospital
  3. GIS for public health management
  4. Data quality analysis
  5. Use of information for action.

Similar courses can be designed, developed and delivered by HISP India on demand. Some of these courses are also planned to be delivered in other countries like Sri Lanka and Vietnam. HISP India has also hosted staff from these countries in their office as a means of on-job capacity development.

The other strategy to support capacity building comes through the association of HISP India with the Department of Informatics, University of Oslo, Norway. Promising students from India can be recommended for further studies at Oslo for both Masters and Doctoral studies.

13th November 2018, HISP
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