ISO 9001:2008 Certified


While the HMIS application can help to register and process data, this needs to be converted into information through well designed indicators. Further, this information needs to be converted into relevant and local action, where information is used to inform processes of planning, monitoring and evaluation. Effective conversion of information to action represents knowledge.

HISP India services towards public health analysis are designed to help this translation from data to information to knowledge. These services include:

  1. Helping in the design of integrated data warehouse for states.
  2. Supporting the rationalization of data collection forms, and linking data collection to indicators.
  3. Design of relevant indicators for different health programme management.
  4. Designing of integrated information centres that can support information monitoring and use.
  5. Providing policy support in the design of an effective monitoring system at different levels of the health administrative hierarchy.

These services can be provided through consultancy reports, evaluation studies, and carrying out data analysis to produce reports on data status and health status.

13th November 2018, HISP
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