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To strengthen the development and use of integrated health information systems within a public health inspired framework in India and the South Asian region.


To enable networks of collaborative action with like-minded actors who aspire to the ideology of open source software, open standards and decentralized decision-making to create complementary strengths in providing integrated and public health friendly health information systems.

HISP India is a not for profit NGO specializing since more than a decade in designing and implementing solutions in health informatics for the public health sector in Indian states, and also recently in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. We are not a solely technology focused organization, and pride ourselves for being multi-disciplinary and seeking to the knowledge domains of public health and informatics. We have a strong commitment to free and open source technologies, and work with a global perspective of the Health Information Systems Programmes (HISP) network, coordinated by the University of Oslo, Norway, and active in more than 20 countries in Africa and Asia.

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