HISP India strengthens the design, development, and implementation of integrated, free and open source based public health information systems.

Our Solutions are based on
- OpenMRS


HISP INDIA is a not for profit NGO specializing since 15+ years in designing and implementing solutions in health informatics for the public health sector. We have projects in 20 states in India and various neighboring countries such as Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Others.

We pride ourselves for being multi-disciplinary and seeking to integrate the knowledge domains of public health, informatics and implementation research. Some of our guiding principles include:

Strong commitment to free and open source software based solution and standards based solutions.

Our flagship products include DHIS2 and OpenMRS, both global open source software platforms being evolved by a global community based on the principles of global public goods.

We are part of the global and regional HISP network since 2000.

We are part of the global, regional HISP network since 2000. We leverage upon this global expertise and contribute to the development of collective knowledge, and help expand national and regional networks in India and Asia.

Actively combining system development, research and education.

We work within an action research framework that combines research, education and practical systems development which are aimed at solving real life pressing problems relating to health information systems, and simultaneously contribute to building sustainable capacity in the country.


These are core platforms which we are developing solution on for different clients

DHIS2 Aggregate

DHIS-2 Aggregate

We have developed various applications for aggregated data such as state data warehouse and integrated analytical dashboards, reports and core customization based on available and custom made DHIS2 features.


DHIS-2 Tracker

Responding to the current trends for data management related to individual patients and events, we have carried out different customizations for diseases registries, clinics based systems and the support of patient level care.


DHIS-2 Mobile

DHIS2 Mobile serves as an extension of DHIS2 based solutions to cater to the information demands from outreach centres and peripheral clinics. For example, DHIS2 Mobile has been customized to support case based surveillance and reporting by the community health worker.


OpenMRS - Hospital

To support integrated patient based core within hospitals and clinical settings, we have customized the OpenMRS platform to support different functions, and have integrated it with the DHIS2 to enable aggregate facility reporting.



We have customized iHRIS for human resources management and also integrated the data from iHRIS and HMIS to develop cross cutting indicators to gain better insights into health workforce utilization and performance.


Our core Services which will help you to find better solutions


Data Analytics

Using DHIS2 we conduct monthly analysis of HMIS data on data quality and health status. These analytical reports, also available through the dashboard are sent monthly to the states who use it for internal review and planning purposes and further dissemination to the districts.

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Integration Services

We have developed various integration services using the DHIS2 API functionality. Some of these services include integration with third party tools like ODK, Commcare and also with DHIS2 mobile data. It enables better sharing and use of information across various systems.

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DHIS2 Academies

Since 2012, we have been organizing DHIS2 Academies on various topics in collaboration with the University of Oslo for DHIS2 users in the Asia region. Topics covered till date Have included Fundamentals of DHIS2, Information use, Tracker and Disease Surveillance.

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In-service Training

We have been actively undertaking In-service training in Indian states, since more than a decade. Between 2008 and 2012, in partnership with NHSRC, we supported nearly 1,000 man days of training across nearly 20 states in India. We are routinely conducting In-service training for states on use of DHIS2 and use of information for monitoring and evaluation. We supported NHSRC in the development of 4 HMIS manuals for users.

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Requirement and Evaluation Studies

All our projects have a strong component of requirement analysis where we seek to understand issues relating to data flows, meta-data, indicators required, and the supporting work practices. The aim is through this analysis conducted in collaboration with clients to not only automate existing processes but to also rationalize and integrate them so that the clients can gain more value from their information systems.

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Latest Events

Some recent events organized by HISP India

“Successful people have a social responsibility to make the world a better place and not just take from it.” By:- Carrie Underwood

Dr. Anna Basiston working as an Implementation researcher in HISP India have proven this by her compassion towards building a better world by running a ‘Daya Development Centre’ and providing easy access to a quality conceptualized education through its digital learning technology.
DDC doesn’t only provide educational learning through technology, it helps that Anna is dually a certified doctor, DDC provides free health check-ups to the children in the Saradapali/Ghatikia slum areas in Bhubaneswar. Visit Here

HISP India facilitated “Training of core team” and “Training of Trainers” on (DHIS-2)-Libya

The trainings not only enriched the capacity of Health information staff at facility and municipality level on data entry, analysis, reporting of disease burden, and utilization data but also enhanced their teaching and supervisory skills.

The master trainers through a cascade of training sessions trained data entry operators of all the public health facilities of Libya and which will monitor the timely availability of quality data on daily, weekly, and monthly basis according to the agreed standard operating procedures reflected in the DHIS2.

DHIS2 Immunization Academy Level 2

This Academy focused on the objectives of immunization programs within the Asia/Pacific region, which includes the features, standards and applications that have been designed using DHIS2 to support immunization data collection, review, analysis and dissemination.

It followed a unique structure, with training targeting both program managers and technical experts who wish to learn about DHIS2 tools and who will be supporting the process of configuring the DHIS2 apps which will support the immunization program to perform these actions.

Book Launch By Sundeep Sahay

Discusses the challenges that exist in the design, development, and implementation of health information systems key problem areas, such as sub-adequate data and problems of inter-operability, are analyzed in detail extensive references and case studies illustrate the implementation of HISs in low- and middle-income countries.

DHIS2 Academy -Afghanistan

HISP India with USAID Health Sector Resiliency (HSR) Project provided training on Data Warehouse/DHIS2 System covering all the three academies starting from 26th August 2018 till 19th September 2018 which included:
1. Design and Customization Academy Level 1
2. Tracker Academy Level 1
3. Information Use Academy Level 1

DHIS2 Academy - Disease Surveillance Level 2

Surveillance of priority diseases and events remains key on the GHS Agenda, so does the need to have reliable information systems for prevention, detection and responding. The community is working closely with global, regional and national partners to gather requirements.

The College of Information and Communication Technologies (CoICT) of the University of Dar es Salaam(UDSM), Tanzania in collaboration with the Department of Informatics of the University of Oslo, Norway are jointly hosting the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) Working Group 9.4 conference in May 1-3 2019 at Ramada Resort Hotel, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
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